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Main Page

Website Main Menu MPD consists of:

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Info Menu Dungun provide useful information about the user portal. Some of the information contained in this menu are as Background Dungun, statistics of area, attractions, Guide to Dungun, public transport and the list of directories.

Example :

info dungun

Portal user can also find a variety of services provided around Dungun via the Services menu. e-Services are provided by the council to enable consumers to make payments online and download forms.

Source menu is a link where users can refer to various information such as circular, Guidance, and aspects of legislation under the governance of the Council. Users can also participate to discuss and provide feedback through the Forum space provided.

News & Events menu includes the latest information and announcements that have been and will be going on around Bukittinggi. Display of events and news available in this portal to help users get the latest information related to the Municipal Council of Dungun. Photo Gallery is one of the submenus in this menu that includes a variety of interesting photo collections.

Dungun Municipal Council Menu lists all the important information about the Council and Management of Dungun.




Search is located in the upper left corner allows users to find the required information in the portal Dungun Municipal Council


Photo Gallery

  • Contains a collection of photos, which are classified according to album.
  • For example, in the album premier event of Local Authorities there are some relevant pictures.
  • Users can click on the photo for more information.
  • Photos can also be downloaded.


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  • Calendar provides an indication to the user about events that happened on that date certainly.
  • It also represents the event that there is a submenu in the menu News & Events.
  • Users can find out if there is an activity / program for the day.
  • To determine the overall activity during the month, users can click on the More Events This Month's Calendar found at the bottom.



What is RSS?

RSS (also known as the "RSS Feeds", "Syndicate" etc.,. Thereafter referred to as RSS) is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0) is an application of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) according to the specifications of World Wide Consortium (W3C). It is a news syndication format and is used as an agent to get the news or on-line data from web pages that support this application.

Why RSS should be?

Technological developments in the online publication is not only facilitate the task of spreading the latest information on the web but you can track the latest information on a large number of your favorite websites without having to remember URLs or keep updated on the site email to get the latest info. RSS facilities provided specifically for web page developers to get the latest info on the Economic Planning Unit (EPU). Through the application facility is expected to be distributed free or UPE Headlines / Current accepted the UPE website more quickly and effectively. Through this RSS feed:

  • You can choose to read the news you want, and relevant to your needs.
  • You indirectly find reliable information and prevent information that is not in want (the spam).
  • Saves time.
  • You can find info and update on UPE more quickly and effectively.
  • News or info that is displayed is the last one without having to visit this site.

How to use RSS?

There are many options on how to use this RSS service. Here are two ways that are often used:

1. RssReader software;
2. Install directly to the server (browser).



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Mobile Web

How to access the website using your mobile phone.

1. Make sure you phone is set up for 3G connection. (Contact your service provider if you are not sure).

2. Alternatively, if your phone or PDA has WiFi connection, please enable your WiFi availability and search your preferred WiFi connection.  (Please do note that most WiFi need to be subscribe).
3. Select the browser that is pre-installed in your phone (e.g. Internet Explorer , Opera , Safari , Web Mobile, etc.).

Access the site using the browser by typing   and click OK/Enter/Submit.   The display below will be shown on your mobile phone screen (it depends on the make and model of mobile phone used).

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W3C Disability Access

Dungun Municipal Council Website provides W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), which can be accessed by Persons with Disabilities (OKU) with the appropriate facilities.

Transformer Size Paper
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For the elderly, can be converted into text size larger or smaller to facilitate your reading.

Color Selection
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There are several options available text color in a room on each page. Text color can be changed to facilitate the reading of them who are visually impaired or color blind. Users can select a color from the color selection is given the Red, Blue, Orange and Green.


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