Pasir Raja Forest Reserve Pasir Raja Forest Reserve
Pokok Cengal 1

The cengal tree is of the Neobalanocarpus heimii species. It has a circumference of 1675 cm and 65 metres in height. This tree is found in Kompartment 5, the Pasir Raja Forest Reserve, Dungun Terengganu.

This cengal tree which is the biggest and aged approximately 1,300 years was found in the Pasir Raja Forest Reserve, Hulu Dungun in  1999 by the Durian Mas II Ranger Officer, Encik Omar Mohamad.

The tree stands 65 metres tall with a circumference of 16.75 metres or approximately a span of 13 outstretched arms and a diametre of 5.32 metres whereby one requires 27 lorries to transport the wood once felled. The volume of the chengal tree is estimated 220 m3 weighing 120 metric tonnes.

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