A Site Visit by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (MRRD) ON 25 APRIL 2013 with the Yang DiPertua of various Municipal Councils, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry and the Terengganu State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) agreed to select Paka Town for the location of a Rural Transformation Centre known as RTC PAKA.

RTC PAKA will be set up on Level 2 of the existing Pasar Paka to house office spaces and government services such as 1 Malaysia Clinic and various agencies with the concept of ‘One Stop, Multiple Services&rsquo

RTC is a facility centre set up with a purpose to synergise nearby villages in the implementation of high value-added activity. At the RTC, local residents will be able to :-

  • Sell agriculture produce in the form of high value-added activity directly;
  • Purchase supplies and services for consumers at a lower price;
  • Obtain skills, undergo trainings and entrepreneur development programmes;
  • Obtain financial aids and other services directly;
  • Share and exchange information and knowledge.