Logo MPD

The design of the logo is based on the vision, mission and objectives of Dungun Municipal Council. It is translated through the images of Dungun Flower Circle, Round Shape, Triangle, Atom Symbol and Terengganu State Emblem. It represents the authority in management, planning and administration of DMC as entrusted. .

The arrangement of the logo design elements reflects the policy implemented by the organization through professional working culture practice. The circle of Dungun flower, triangle and atom symbol is significant of it’s environmental beauty condition, current infrastructural and technological development under the excellent maintenance and supervision of DMC.

These professionalism components is translated through the combination of Terengganu State Emblem images. These images also represent core of state management as entrusted to DMC. Terengganu State Emblem is the policy which is practiced in various management and administration activities towards the excellence of the society, infrastructure and local environment.

The entire proposed logo design pictures that Dungun Municipal Council is an efficient, capable, honest, strong and excellent Local Authority in carrying out the entrusted responsibilities and as the main contributor in upgrading and excellence of the general public, public sector and the beauty of local environment