Dungun town was very well-known during the glamorous age of mining activities at Bukit Besi. Bukit Besi has an area of 1618 hectares and situated in Mukim Besul. It was the biggest open cast iron ore mine in South East Asia between the years 1929 to 1960-ies.

Among the mining companies involved were Nippon Mining Company (NMC), Kuhara Mining Company and Eastern Mining & Metal Company (EMMCO). The mining operation was closed on 1st October 1970.

bandar kuala dungun (dulu) kampung sireh (dulu)
Kuala Dungun Town Kampung Sireh
stesen keretapi Bukit Besi (dulu) Lombong bijih besi (dulu)

Bukit Besi Railway Station

Iron Ore Mine