Express Bus Transport

Among the available express bus services are Utama Express, Mutiara Express, Mara Liner, Transnational and many more. The express bus terminal is located in Dungun town, at Jalan Baru Pak Sabah, to facilitate customers to utilize the service.

Other Public Transport

Among other public transport available in Dungun District are the continuous buses, taxis and passenger vans.

The continuous buses will carry passengers from Dungun town to Kuala Terengganu and from Dungun town to Kemaman through the village roads.

Also with the taxis available here. Taxis will carry passengers from Dungun to Kuala Terengganu with the distance of 90 kilometers 80 km to Kemaman or to other destinations as requested by passengers.

Passenger vans are provided for passengers from remote areas where there’s no public transport is provided.

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